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In the current jobs market, you don’t often get a second chance to impress at an interview for a job, a promotion or a pay raise. Learn the techniques you can incorporate to get it right the first time, every time.   


Many professionals seek to advance their careers in the most effective manner possible. Maximizing your potential for career advancement is the purpose of the two-day seminar presented by Michael Mayher. With over 20 years of experience on two continents and direct experience with management as well as with position candidates, Michael shares the strategies and techniques to help you to set yourself apart from everyone else.


Attendees will be guided step-by-step through the entire job search and interview process. From start to finish, they will gain insight, receive in-depth and detailed advice that they can capitalize on immediately, thereby enhancing their chances of success. Michael goes far beyond mundane topics such as CVs, social networking and your internet presence, to instruct in the finer points of the processes most people spend their entire careers learning, by trial and error.


Some examples of the subjects addressed include:


  • Developing an effective personal presentation

  • Creating a more effective resume or CV

  • Innovative job search methods

  • Properly addressing compensation to your best advantage

  • Applying sales technique to your efforts

  • Negotiating skills

  • Overcoming obstacles & objections

  • Ensuring a smooth resignation

    … And much more …


    The jobs market is more competitive than ever with more people competing for fewer good jobs. Whether now or in the future, be better prepared and more confident about your career prospects and options.


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